U.S. ARMY B-2086
Builder: American Locomotive Co. (Subcontract of EMD)
Class: MRS-1 (Military Road Switcher Model 1)

Built in 1953 for the military, MRS-1 class diesel locomotives were built for the specific purpose of being a motive power source to be used on the rail networks of foreign countries. To do this these locomotives are equipped with special telescoping axles which allow the engine to operate on any track between 3 feet and 5 feet between the rails.


Norfolk & Western #675
Builder: E.M.D Of General Motors
Class: GP-9
Status: Operational

The newest addition to the BGRM collection, N&W 675 was donated by Consolidated Coal Corporation of Pittsburg PA. She was restored at the Mid-America Locomotive Works in Evansville, Indiana, painted in N&W freight black and placed back in operational service in 2007.

Locomotive 675 is the main motive power for museum excursions. 675 is equipped with dual control stands, both of which are still operational. This allows the engineer to run the locomotive from either side of the cab.

675 night